License Plate Holder

Plastic License Plate Holder not only protects the license plate from bending but the car body from scratches and improve the final appearance of the license plate itself.

Toothpaste Tube Clip (patented)

To keep rolled tube from unrolling. As promotional item, popular with dentists (special "visit month" prints) and companies that want a different brand awareness delivery device.

Rubber Cleat Covers

Colorful rubber cleat cover for cycling shoes. Made with softer rubber for better grip and cushioning. Match the colors to your road bike color scheme, jersey, etc.

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Mixing and Strainer Bowl Set

Made thicker to resist warping while in use and for durability, this set is a favorite for household that knows value for money.

Bottles, Jars & Containers

We can make new molds for exclusive shapes / designs or you can get the products from range of free molds. We will work with you on design, material selection, and color.

Net Pots for Hydroponic Farms

Our net pot design is optimized for both NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and wick system. The bottom slits on the net pot allow easy insertion of the felt cloth wick.

Del Solaria

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