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We are a manufacturing company specializing in making plastic bottles (extrusion blow moulding process) and closures/lids, jars, hydroponic net pots, plant pots, bonsai pots, cosmetic jars, accessories for car, promotional items, household items, etc. (plastic injection process).

We work with our customers with the design, material and color selection to suit their application.

Our customers are producers of shampoo, liquid soap, body lotion, car shampoo, glass housewares, make-up supplies, juice, vitamins & supplements, as well as car dealers, hydroponic grower.

PT. Del Solaria Indonesia

Jl. Daan Mogot km 19,8

Kawasan Industri Blok C No.5

Batuceper, Tangerang 15122

Tel: +62 21 5459071, 5459072

Fax: +62 21 5459073

email: inquiry@delsolaria.com